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Hello graduate students! 

We have lots of news for you in this blog post.  First, we hear from Logan MacIntyre who came in first at the UPEI 3MT competition and competed at the 3MT Regional Competition at UNB.  Second, the introduction of our new board and executives.  Third, an update on Travel Funding through the Student Union.  Last, exciting workshops coming your this fall and winter semesters!



(Pictured here are the three UPEI graduate students who placed at the 3MT competition held at the wave. From left to right, Logan MacIntyre (1st place), Rosemarie Dale (3rd place), and Travis James (2nd place).) 


(UPEI 3MT Competitors. In the picture, from left to right: Laura Carvalho, Logan MacIntyre, Rosemarie Dale, Travis James, Kate Rundle, Sarah Muthee, and Valerie Abd-El-Aziz.  Missing: Livia Li.) 

My 3MT Experience (By: Logan MacIntyre)

“I was fortunate to be able to attend the regional 3-Minute Thesis Competition in Fredericton, NB this past month. Overall, it was a fantastic experience! I had the chance to meet a number of enthusiastic and talented graduate students from Atlantic Canadian/Quebec universities, and also learn about very diverse research topics (ranging from visual arts to cancer research). The University of New Brunswick did a great job hosting the event, making us feel very welcomed and running the competition in a professional manner. I’d recommend that any graduate student who has this opportunity in the future participate (even if it means travelling) – I’d be surprised if you regret it!”

Introduction of the New GSA Board

We are happy to announce our new board for the 2017/18 year:

Brittany Jakubiec, President (

Dylan Michaud, Executive VP (

Leon Liang, VP Finance (

Rosemarie Dale, Science Rep (

Zhengyu (Cherry) Liu, Education Rep (

Logan MacIntyre, AVC Co-Rep (

Jamye Rouette, AVC Co-Rep (

Travel Funding Through the UPEI Student Union 

At this time, we would like to offer our sincerest “thank-you”s to the UPEI Student Union for taking the time to contemplate how their budget might better support graduate students.  This year, working closely with Nate Hood and Clayton Harding, the GSA communicated that we needed more travel funding support.  Brittany Jakubiec was a graduate student representative on council, and made this need known in this forum as well.  We are happy to say that the SU budget allowance for graduate travel has increased.  Previously, a total of $7,500 was allotted for travel, and was used by graduate students and AVC non-graduate students (the split was about $3,000 graduate students and $4,500 AVC non-graduate students).  For the 2017/18 academic year, graduate students will have access to $6,500 in travel funding, and non-graduate AVC students will have access to $5,000.  Meaning, we see an increase of $3,500 and non-graduate AVC students see an increase of $500.  This is VERY exciting.  We also saw an increase to the graduate programming budget, from $1,250 to $2,500.  This shows the importance of strong communication, building relationships, and listening to our membership’s needs.

You can get more information about travel funding at and by clicking on funding.  You can also contact the UPEI SU VP Finance, William McGuigan at

Forthcoming Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Workshops 

The new executives met with Larry Hammell, Colleen Gallant, and Christina Perry (Recruitment and International Relations Office) to discuss workshops for the Fall 2017 and Winter 2018.  These workshops will have a variety of topics and be directed primarily at graduate students, but will be open to all.  Some topics discussed were writing an academic CV, writing a thesis, intellectual property and patents, data analysis and creating graphs and figures, giving a good presentation/making a good powerpoint, and more.  There will be a full schedule announced closer to Fall 2017.

Well, that’s all for now!  If you want to get in touch with your Graduate Students’ Association, you can find us on Facebook, by email (, or by stoping by our graduate student lounge in Duffy 403.

~ Brittany, Dylan, and Leon (your new GSA executives!)


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