UPEISU Election March 7 & 8 (Vote Via Campus Login)

Hi graduate students!

As you may be aware, the UPEISU elections are this week (March 7 and 8, actually) and you can vote on your campus login.

The Graduate Students’ Association would like to continue working closely with the Student Union (carrying on the positive work and effort from UPEISU Presidents Dana Kenny and Nate Hood), so we’re paying close attention to the candidates running for executive positions.

On March 2, two candidates running for president (Hammad Ahmed and Justin Clory) and two candidates running for vice president academic and external (Taya Nabuurs and Eric Brookins) came to our GSA meeting to answer some questions.  You can watch this short video here, which was LiveStreamed on our FB page.

After this session, we gave the candidates the questions via email in case they wanted to respond further.  Justin Clory did so, and here is his response.   Megan Rix was unable to attend this meeting, and also sent in some responses.

Other individuals running for exec positions are Megan Rix and Rio Guglielmelli (both running for Vice President Student Life), and Sam Ferguson for UPEISU President.

The Cadre has done a write-up about the two VPAX candidates, posted footage from the debate at The Wave, and a write-up about the candidates running for UPEISU President.

The GSA really hopes you will get informed about the candidates and take the time to vote over the next two days!

Brittany Jakubiec


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